A downloadable RPG/Visual Novel for Windows and macOS

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RPG + Visual Novel + Eroge
set in the world of Dungeon Dreams and The Angel Inn!

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(20/30 hours of gameplay)

A non-linear experience in which you take the role of Faylinn, the adventurer that’s secretly a half-demon, on her quest to discover the truth about her powers!
Interact with many characters and influence their lives, relationships, with open-ended quests, customizable stats and skills, unlocking plenty of delicious original illustrations!

Move to the town of Padavil, make friends (or more), join a Guild, go wherever you want!

Recruit a team of adventurers and depart for an exciting adventure! Travel on many locations and go on Quests!

The final stand, a race against time to reach one of many multiple endings!

  • Turn-based combat with 10+ recruitable companions (and relationship building)
  • Crafting system
  • Lockpicking and other minigames
  • Equipment with attachable and craftable components
  • Customizable skills and parameters
  • Plenty of quests and choices to make
  • Many characters to romance or develop relationships with
  • Multiple routes and alternative endings

You can play it completely SFW or as an EROGE NSFW game with:

  • A beautiful gallery of over 150 CG illustrations by artist Azuukichan

This game is developed by the same team behind Dungeon Dreams and Angel Inn.

Warning: This game is in development. If you find any bugs or would like to send your suggestions, your feedback is very important.

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
GenreRole Playing, Visual Novel
TagsAdult, Dating Sim, demon, Hentai, NSFW, oppai, sex, Yuri


Buy Now$14.99 USD or more

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FULL GAME Version 1.60 909 MB

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WINDOWS DEMO (Full Chapter One)
OSX DEMO Pre-Catalina (Full Chapter One)

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How to make Konrad be with both Natasha and Faylinn? In chapter 3 he says he wants to be monogamous

There are different routes. In one, Konrad asks Faylinn to be monogamous with her. 

In another, Konrad romances Natasha first, and then you can convince him to "involve" Faylinn in their relationship.

Can I date Konrad or is it only GxG romance (since a lot of h-games with female protags are)

There are plenty of scenes with maleXfemale characters.

Faylinn can romance Konrad as well as another male companion named Red Fox (thieves' guild route only) all the way to the end with their own ending!

thank you for this! a lot of h-games with female protagonists either have only yuri love interests or ugly bastards. when I get the chance, I hope to be able to support this game :)

:) I agree :)

the game is complete

getting a couple issues. not getting a complete when first going through the Grotto, plus I'm not recieving any JP rewards, when completing jobs from the Hunters Guild

Thank you for pointing these out. We'll get right to work!

If you want you can join the Discord where we have a dedicated channel for collecting and solving bugs:


Is the priced version the full game? or also still in development. Also. will I need to start a new game, or, am I able to use my gamesave from the demo version.

Hello, yes, it is full, but will be updated soon and progressively because we are still finetuning a couple things. (there will be an update about this soon)

We're also planning to give out Steam Keys with every purchase so that you can, if you want, play it there, where updates are automatic.

We don't recommend porting the saved game from the demo.

Thank you for answering back. and yeah I thought that might be the case, so I've started a new game

Found that I'm able to repeat the Wild Man quest. Also. Looking forward to the full release!

Yes, thank you, this will be fixed in the full release! :)

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Great game so far; only big issue I ran into was in the quest “Lost in the Woods”, whenever you find the guard’s body and decide to follow the tracks it causes the sequence to loop forever until you choose to just go back.

Thank you, this is fixed in the full version

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Looks interesting, but its only 1 chapter ? and the games finished at chapter 3 ? nevermind, its answered bellow in another comment. 



Thank you for your interest! The full game will be out on Steam in Early Access, October 11, and hopefully soon after, officially released here and on Steam.

How do I activate the "sleeping with Konrad" option? I've tried every combination of choices I can think of, but I can't sleep with him.

Hi, this will be recalibrated in the full updated version

hi, just wanted to ask, Is the free demo version, only chapter one?

Yes! 1/3 of the game.

Hello, i want to make sure, did this game created by RPGM ?

Thank you.

This game is created in RPGmaker MV but only the combat system and menu interface remain.

Will there be an android version for this like there was for Angel Inn and Dungeon Dreams??


It's a possibility but not soon! 

Can anyone explain the logic to the engineers's house puzzle, i've tried to solve it but i am too dumb, i've tried adding the numbers up and getting the digital root but that does not seem to work.


its going by multiples so its just 9060


Umm,anyone know how to clear "facing mom" quest? i spend almost 30minutes and always end up with failed

This will be easier in the full updated version

When every I leave the Tavern the background seem to go black. The code for the engineer is also quite difficult i clicking on how to get the code except the color coordination,  

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Thanks for trying out the game! That bug is fixed in the new version, but the version's not up yet. If you want to contact us at theangelinnvn@gmail.com we can send you the patch and also the code for the engineer house! (without spoilng it here for other players!) :) 

Update: the new version is up and fixed!

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I just played the demo and it's really amazing game but you should check more bugs in it since i found some ( but they're not that much troubling, so it's not big deal )

btw i can't wait for the full ver so that i can get Akane and Natasha ending  ( i get Konrad first cuz i kinda curious with him lmao )

Deleted 2 years ago

btw do you have any demo guide ??

Thanks for playing and for the feedback! Feel free to let me know what bugs you ran into (you can also reach me at theangelinnvn@gmail.com) and I'll fix them, in case I haven't fixed them already! :)

There is no guide out yet :)

This is the error I get in the Thieves Guild (after Rosabella had her fun with the three thieves) :


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Thank you! That keeps happening, even though it's not systematic (right? :). That's why I put a prompt to save before entering, which I hope you did :)

By the way, if you have that saved game, I could try loading it and forcing that crash to understand what actually triggered it. (you could send the saved game to theangelinnvn@gmail.com if it's not too much trouble)

(edit: it's fixed now)

Email sent.  As I mentioned in it, I think the Blackjack game is the cause, somehow.

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Thanks. Working on it!

Edit: to anyone reading this: it's fixed now! :)

Hello.  One thing I have noticed is that Akane seems to be floating in mid-air : she has no legs !

I know! She's too petite and I had to "push up" her portrait, that's the result. One day I hope to replace her bust artwork with another one. Thanks for playing!

No problem !

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I got a question, is it possible for Faylinn to romance only women without getting involved with anyone of the masculine persuasion? Can she be played as a lesbian, is what I'm asking.

Yes, you will have a lot of freedom in making that type of choices :)

Great, thanks.