A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Join Ellen in her quest to complete an internship for the Witch Academy and find out what happened in her supervisor's Manor!

An adventure game with lots of puzzles, a retro feeling, interactive magic and a talking squirrel ghostl!

- Many different types of puzzles: from escape-rooms to riddles and item combination!

Magic system: spells that interact with the enviroment, such as the "Magnet Spell" to move metal objects and the "Light Spell" to light up small fires or turn on lights! Unlock more as you progress with the story!

- A lively cast of crazy characters with original design and personality!

- Plot full of mystery with secrets and multiple endings!

- Original music 

- Original artwork by artist Caterina Capogrossi. 

Try the demo for free! Please don't forget to leave your feedback and support the project if you would like to see how the story unfolds!

Have fun with The Button Witch!

P.S. Did we mention the talking squirrel ghost?




The Button Witch (WIN Demo - 2019 Update)
The Button Witch (OSX Demo - Before OSX Catalina)

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you did the tileset of the game?

Hello RecosaCM,

All artwork in the game is original.

wow, te quedaron sorprentes, como el juego :)