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Your own adventure in the Magic town of Kalmaruss as the child of a legendary hero. Choose who your parents are, define your class, appearance and pronoun, and begin your new life!

  • Create your avatar starting from your parents' identities, and shape it with skills and traits acquired during your adventure.
  • 5 Class Trees to choose from. 1) Fighter (can also become a Guard at Danthienne's Merchants' Guild) 2) Hunter and 3) Trickster (can join the Thieves' Guild with Jane and Dart) or 4) Apprentice Mage and 5) Wild Mage (can enroll in the Kalmaruss Magic Academy and study under Phillip, Ark)
  • Start in a room at the dormitory with your childhood friend, but gradually grow wealthy and get your own place choosing from multiple options (you can also buy furniture)
  • Get jobs (minigames) and befriend the townsfolk for quests, bonding or romance
  • Randomly generated dungeon full of events and bosses
  • Roleplaying, roleplaying, roleplaying! Find companions, love and marriage.

This is the sequel to Dungeon Dreams, but can be played as a new game as well. You play as the child of the Champion of Ecallia, who moves to the big City of Kalmaruss to take part in an important Challenge led by Lady Elwing, one of the Triarch of the Magic Academy. The winner will be literally given the keys to the City and the Academy, so what are you waiting for? Join Victor, your childhood friend, who's already studying at the Academy and who saved a spot in the dormitory just for you! Explore freely the City during day and night, discovering highlights such as the Merchant's Guild, Konrad's weapon shop, the Elven Community, or sit down for some fine sushi with your friends, at the gourmet restaurant with fresh fish taken directly from the lake surrounding Kalmaruss.

We're also trying to apply quality-of-life improvements from our previous game, including: auto combat, high speed combat/animations, time skipping, JP up for stand-by characters.

Meet some of the leading characters:

Demo: coming in 2022.

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StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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GenreRole Playing, Visual Novel
TagsDating Sim, JRPG, Life Simulation, Roguelite, Romance


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Dungeon Dreams 2 Demo

Development log


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Can you play as a girl in this one? I'm super excited for this btw!! :D


This is all I need to know after playing the first one. Loved it btw. <3

Very excited! I loved the first one. Played through it several times!

Will this one get an android release?

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Thank you for your interest in this project! Sadly there won't be an android release, though. Windows only :(


That is all. 

Been looking forward to this.


i just curious, how many characters you can marry in this game ? also can you marry loryel in this game ?

Hi! We have planned 10 marriageable characters but the list will hopefully expand. And yes, Loryel is included, she's a monogamous romance for all gender types.  Thanks for asking!

I can't wait to play this I recently discovered your games and I really loved the Dungeons Dreams one  I played both version a least 100h each I'm currently going trough Faylin Quest!

Wow, thank you so much!

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I can't wait for this demo to come out, love your games  

Thank you so much!

How much would you release this?

Price and release date haven't set yet, but a demo is coming in the summer! (June/July)

😢 nuu.i wanna romance Quinn

Well well well, once you meet her and learn about her personality you might change your mind! :O